Clinical Research

The mission of The Hong Kong Hernia Society

The Hong Kong Hernia Society is form in July 2013. The mission of the society is to promote the correct understanding and treatment of hernia diseases.

Hernia nowadays is one of the major burdens for health care system worldwide. The incidence of groin hernia and incisional hernia after open abdominal wall surgery are both high. It is now one of the most commonly performed surgery which involves prosthesis to be placed in human body. It is therefore important for us to understand the anatomy and surgical technique in order to provide good care for our patients.

The Society will support scientific clinical research in the field of hernia management and treatment. We will also support our local surgeons for oversea hernia surgery training. We hope that the results of these scientific researches and surgical skill training can penetrate into younger generation surgeons so that better patient care can be achieved. The Society will also act as a channel, to strengthen the ties and collaboration with other hernia societies worldwide. Regular meeting will also be held locally, to provide a platform for us to exchange the latest in research and surgical approach for hernia treatment.

Please support our Society and in turns support our younger generation surgeons in hernia surgery training.