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Hernia Surgical Training

Oversea training
One of the role of The Hong Kong Hernia Society is to promote training in hernia surgery for our younger generation surgeons. We are part of the Asia Pacific Hernia Society, and through our connection with other hernia societies over the world, we can assist our surgeon members to arrange proctorship training under expert herniologist, in various aspect of hernia surgery. Members can apply for this service through written application and send it to our office by post or email.

1 Surgical trainee or Junior Specialist Surgeon who wish to apply for surgical training in hernia surgery through The Hong Kong Hernia Society must be a current member of The Hong Kong Hernia Society;
2 He/she should submit a written application and proposal and send it to The Hong Kong Hernia Society by post or email;
3 His/her application will be assessed in the next Council meeting, upon approval the applicant will be contacted;
4 Training grant will be subjected to the current financial status of the Society and the applicant, and will be decided by the Councilors during the Council meeting


2014 Training
Professor Reinhard Bittner, Germany – Dr. Lily NG
Laparoscopic TransAbdominal Preperitoneal Repair